Latin-American Sustainability

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Dialogue with Stakeholders

Internal Public Suppliers Community Government and Society Consumers and Customers

Philips has specific lines of action to strengthen the interaction with the public.

Philips tries to establish, through dialogue among its several audiences of interest, the convergence of forces for the wide understanding of the sustainability dilemmas with its suppliers, customers, employees and partners, among others. Philips has specific lines of action to establish relationships with its main audiences and tries to assure that such dialogue becomes increasingly deeper and continuous.

More than an essential part in the sustainability strategy, the dialogue with stakeholders is part of the Values of Philips. In order to “delight the consumers”, “meet our commitments”, “develop people” and “depend on one another”, the company tries to listen to the public to which it relates, understanding its desires and providing answers.

Philips has specific lines of action to strengthen the interaction with the public. For employees, for instance, it was completed, in 2006, the world implementation of One Philips Ethics, a direct line to stimulate the employees to report, on an anonymous basis, any violations to the General Business Principles and to the company’s policies, without fearing any retaliations.

Still in the last year, Philips has audited 98% of the so-called risky suppliers (those from which it has purchased more than 100 thousand euros) in Brazil and in countries such as China, India, Indonesia and Pakistan. Sustainability workshops have been also provided to them. For customers, Philips tried to develop product that meet their needs and respect the environment, such as Eco MASTER light bulbs, considered as the first Green Flagship Latin-American product. With that purpose, the company has turned innovation into the business strategic base, also present in the Mission.

This movement is complemented with the several partnerships kept by Philips in this journey. In the group of relationships, there are local partnerships, such as the one performed in Brazil with Instituto Akatu pelo Consumo Consciente, for the setting of internal actions for a conscious consumption, and with Centro de Referência da Fundação Dom Cabral, for the dissemination and realization of studies about the relationship between innovation and sustainability. Other agreements are regional, such as the Ashoka, for the incentive to social entrepreneurism in Argentina and Chile.