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Philips Sustainable Cycle Program

Philips Sustainable Cycle is a program that will promote the recycling of electronic equipment that previously had been thrown away.


In 2009, the pilot project will be implemented solely in Manaus.


Several new products are launched on the market daily. Philips, for example, works tirelessly to offer novel products that simplify and improve the quality of daily life. For this reason, it is natural that people look for increasing ease, replacing old products with new ones.

But what happens to the electronics that we replace? Can televisions and micro systems be thrown in the trash? Each piece of electronic equipment is made of hundreds of components that contain materials such as mercury, cadmium, and lead, among others. Some of these can be toxic when they come into contact with nature, contaminating the soil and water supply.

When we act to improve sustainability, we need to consider the complete life cycle of our products, until the end of their use-life. We cannot do good on one hand, by buying green products, and do harm at the other end by producing more waste.

Philips has always been a pioneer in sustainability among the companies in its sector, developing appropriate environmental solutions for its production methods and products that promote conscious consumption. And now, Philips is launching yet another innovative initiative to strengthen the efforts of our company in environmental responsibility: the Philips Sustainable Cycle Program.

What is the Philips Sustainable Cycle?

The Philips Sustainable Cycle is a program that will promote the recycling of electronic equipment that had previously been thrown away. In this way, products will complete their life cycles in a responsible manner, minimizing environmental impact and the pollution it can engender.

How does the Program work?

The Philips Sustainable Cycle Program will collect all types of obsolete Philips electronic equipment, such as TVs, audio devices, monitors, etc. It will then attend to each component, sending it to an ecologically appropriate location.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to increase your contribution to the planet.

How can I participate?

Bring all of your electronic devices that you no longer use nor plan to use again to a certified Philips location. Each part will be send to the appropriate destination. By doing this you will have effectively contributed, along with Philips, towards the reduction of waste and environmental impact, promoting sustainability and the well-being of future generations.


See below where to bring your electronic equipment for recycling, only in the city of Manaus:

- Hi Tec Com. Repr. Ltda.
Av. Carvalho Leal, 1.559 – Cachoeirinha – Manaus – AM
Tel: (092) 3663-2557.

- Colortel Com. E Asses. Ltda.
Av. Constantino Nery, 273 – Centro – Manaus – AM
Tel: (092) 3622-8641.