Latin-American Sustainability

Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Achieve universal primary education Promote gender equality and empower women Reduce child mortality Improve maternal health Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases Ensure environmental sustainability Develop a global partnership for development

Social Responsibility

Values, Transparency and Governance

Commitment to the future

Our action in social responsibility is in line with the strategic matters of the company: energy efficiency and health care.

Contributing to society and being a part of people’s lives are constant concerns of Philips. Our commitment can be translated into concrete actions that are not limited to private social investment and to sponsoring social actions. We have close links with non-governmental organizations and institutes that share our ethical view to develop the best possible practices. Philips Latin America is ahead of the other regions in social responsibility, because of the company’s sensitivity when tracing its strategies and plans. Philips’s social responsibility action goes beyond the limit of private social investment as a sponsor of social actions. The company gets deeply involved with NGOs and institutes to understand and apply the best existing practices.

A major distinguishing feature of Philips’s Social Responsibility is that all projects are initially launched to the internal public. According to the acceptance and adhesion, these are adapted to the external public. Our focus when acting in social responsibility has a clear direction: the alignment with the strategic matters of the company – energy efficiency and health care. This is how we decided to invest in projects aiming at sustainable development and reinforcing our business positioning.

In Brazil, the term ‘social responsibility’ was made official in its internal organizational chart in the year 2000.